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For customers at the Wilthorpe site a site-wide wireless service is included as standard. Please provide the full name and email address for each user that requires access to your network. We will issue individual passwords for each user. Please note that passwords should not be shared. You can request more users at any time.

Internet Package - Contract Options

The internet service is delivered to a single wall socket in your office. To connect more than one device (or for Wi-Fi) you will need equipment in your room to handle this.

If you simply want Wi-Fi then consider our 12 month free Wi-Fi offer below.

If you are unsure or have more complex requirements then please let us know so we can discuss your requirements to make sure you get the appropriate service.

Please note if you are in Building 4 at the BBIC Wilthorpe site then full in-room infrastructure is provided by BBIC so you are unlikely to require any additional equipment.

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